Measurement & Regulatory
  • • SAGD; Truck Loading; NGL; and Oil/Emulsion
    Custody Transfer Requirements
  • • Regulatory Applications and Audits (EPAP, Gap Analysis)
  • • Measurement Plan (MARP/ Schematics) Development
  • • Meter Selection, Configuration, Commissioning,
    Baselines and Verifications
  • • Flow Computer Configuration, Testing & Optimization
  • • Innovations such as Alternative Solutions
    for Test Separators
Helping you achieve maximum compliance

True North Automation offers a comprehensive suite of measurement services and solutions for the upstream oil & gas production, gas processing and midstream gas transmission industries. Let our highly skilled specialists apply their considerable industry expertise toward assisting you in all phases of measurement and reporting.

Engaging True North means increased compliance with new and legacy reporting standards, as well as identification of solutions for metering inconsistencies. We can also guide you through the rigorous new standards set by Directive 076. Improve accuracy in volumetric data reporting. Optimize production and revenue forecasting. Ensure compliance with partner obligations, mid-stream companies and AER (Alberta Energy Regulator) regulatory requirements.